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Yleisiä ohjeita - General information

E-lasku on sähköisessä muodossa saapuva lasku. Kun teet omassa verkkopankissasi e-laskutilauksen, saat jatkossa laskumme nopeasti ja vaivattomasti suoraan verkkopankkin. Tilausta varten tarvitset pankistasi riippuen esimerkiksi edellisen laskumme viitteen, asiakasnumeron tai laskun numeron.


On this page you can find general information about our services and waste reception in english.

The reception at the Myllymäki waste station is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10.00 to 16.00 and on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 18.00.

There is a consignee on site to instruct and weigh the hazardous waste items during these opening times.

Unloading can be started after the recipient has inspected the load materials.

Small batches of waste can be taken directly to the waste reception site, there is no need to visit the office to register.

You can reach the reception area by turning right at the gate and driving 100 m straight.

You will arrive on site where containers and a blue hazardous material warehouse can be seen.

The recipient will tegive instructions, if the load requires weighing.

Household waste items are mainly weighed only if the load consists of a large amount of roofing felt, stone or tile, or impregnated wood.

Please note that the weighting scale is only open during office opening hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,and Friday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm and on Wednesdays from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Loads to be weighed as well as bringing data protection material should be done during these hours.

At the Myllymäki waste station, the waste load is sorted according to material.

If you are not sure about the correct sorting of a certain material or item, please ask the recipient for advice.

Proper sorting keeps waste batches clean and recyclable as well as prevents accidents.

In the station the materials are sorted as follows:

  • Wood
  • Impregnated hardwood
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Stone / concrete / brick
  • Energy waste
  • Mixed waste to be incinerated
  • Hazardous waste
  • Metal
  • Large appliances
  • Refrigerators
  • Small electronic waste
  • Non-combustible waste



Electronics and household appliances, metal, rimless car tires and household hazardous waste are accepted free of charge.

The price list for paid waste is available on our front page.

Sorting of electronics and household appliances at the Myllymäki waste station includes:

  • Ovens, stoves and cooker hoods
  • Washing machines, dryers
  • Boilers and heaters
  • Electric heaters


The SER small electronics container is reserved for following items:

  • Televisions, computers, printers
  • Mobile phones, stereo
  • Lamps, vacuum cleaners, microwaves
  • Wired power tools



Remember that batteries, accumulators and loose fluorescent tubes do not belong to SER recycling!

Batteries and similar items are cathegorized as hazardous waste. Refrigerators and freezers, as well as other equipment containing refrigerants, are sorted into their own containers.

Reception of hazardous waste at the waste station:

Please deliver hazardous waste in sealed and intact containers. Chemical containers should be marked in advance if they do not appear on the label. Batteries should have their terminals taped to avoid short circuits. The consignee weighs the hazardous waste upon delivery.

The reception of data-protected material takes place during office hours on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

During office hours material recuiring secure handling and disposal can be delivered without reservation time.

Registration of the data protection material takes place at the office, from where you are directed to the reception location.

If you wish, you can also reserve a time for data protection, during which the material will be processed immediately under supervision.

The time can be booked by calling the office number 020 710 9750 or from the email erkkisalminen@erkkisalminen.fi

For large batches of data protection material, we recommend announcing a possible schedule in advance so that we can ensure the adequacy of secure storage space.

We recommend separation of folders, plastic pockets and large stapling supplies containing metal or plastic from the data protected papers.

Staples or paper clips do not need to be removed.

CDs, props, etc. non-paper data protection materials are handled separately from paper.

A secure pick up for data protection materal can be also arranged for larger amounts of material.

For longer gather of material locked data protection containers are also available.

We will accept vehicles for scrapping in accordance with the office’s opening hours on weekdays from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. In order to leave the vehicle, it is recommended to make an appointment to ensure efficient filling of the scrapping docoment.

The appointment can be reserved from the number 020 710 9750 or email erkkisalminen@erkkisalminen.fi

When bringing the vehicle for scrapping, a certificate of scrapping will be filled.

For this certificate the following informatin and documents are needed:

  • Vehicle owner information and personal identity card
  • Car registration number
  • Sertificate for action from the vehicle owner if the transfer is made by another person. In this case, also the identity card of the person who hands over the vehicle is needed.

Sanitation well service can be ordered by contacting customer service by phone, email or using our service orders page. The wells are emptied on weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm and outside this time there is an on-call service.

Summer is active time for the sanitation service side, so we recommend ordering the service well in advance if possible.

We recommend filling alarms if you have a bottle well (closed well).

This way you can ensure thst the well does not be overfilled by the time the service is able to reach you.

If necessary, the emptying can also be taken on the route, in which case the emptying comes automatically every year.

Route services are made outside peak periods, ie well in advance of Easter, Midsummer or Christmas.

In winter, it is good to shovel a path to the sanitation well and mark the location of the well with a stick, shovel etc.

If the lid of the well is opened in advance before the day of emptying, it is recommended to put a plastic bag between the lid and snow on top of the lid as insulation, to prevent the lid from freezing shut.

If there is unobstructed access to the well throughout the day, there is no need to be at home in the time of emptying service.

Questions about container emptying or pricing? Our customer service is open on weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. (tel. 020 710 9750)

When purchased from us, the delivery of the new container is free of charge in the Jämsä area.

We offer container sizes e.g. 140 l, 240 l, 390 l and 660 litres. Our containers are in accordance with the waste management regulations.

According to the area regulations, the containers need to have wheels, a lid and they must have a sufficient grip height that enables safe emptying with a garbage truck.

Low containers or sack racks that require manual lifting are not ergonomic to use, and are not suitable for safe mechanical emptying.

The emptying interval can be mainly 1, 2, or 4 weeks. Please note, however, that according to waste management regulations, the interval between emptying biowaste can be a maximum of 2 weeks, and mixed waste maximum 4 weeks all year round.

Disposal of mixed waste can also be ordered between 8 weeks for the wintertime.

Emptying of containers takes place according to weekly routes, and the day and time of emptying may change, especially during public holidays.

Please note that the emptying day may differ from the usua also on other weeks.

There must be unobstructed access to the waste container at all times.

Therefore it is important that snow is not piled in front of the containers and that the container is visible and thus easy to find.

Please also note that we only enter into a waste contract with the property owner, not directly to the tenant.


We supply large containers for the collection of larger waste batches.

Container rent pricing is calculated by:

  • Rental duration
  • Total time spent on container delivery and retrieval (starting point is in Jämsänkoski)
  • Quality and weight of waste


Our containers are free of charge for the first 3 days. The container can be pre-ordered for a certain period of time, after which it will be picked up automatically.

Pick-up can also be ordered when the pallet is no longer needed.

The waste is weighed in the reception point in Jämsänkoski and the quality is checked at the time of collection.

The final waste disposal fee is determined by weight of the material. Containers can be found at different side heights as needed. (approx. 16 – 35 m3)



We rent ready-to-use portable toilets and their maintenance for construction sites and other needs. You can inquire about portable toilet and their pricing at 020 710 9750 from our customer service.